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CN-1181760-A: Lipophilic peptide hormone derivatives patent, CN-1182560-A: Surface snap fastener and paper diaper using it patent, CN-1182864-A: 热电式冰箱 patent, CN-1183176-A: Connection device for switching electrical signals patent, CN-1183245-A: Process for preparing fresh cocoanut juice drink in situ patent, CN-1183543-A: 一种真空相变导热器件 patent, CN-1183747-A: 用于圆形截面容器的印刷装置 patent, CN-1184083-A: 制造用于马赛克的玻璃和金板的方法 patent, CN-1184226-A: 气炬阀装置 patent, CN-1184288-A: 一种用于财务监控查询的系统和方法 patent, CN-1184294-A: System for embedding authentication information into image and image alteration detecting system patent, CN-1184334-A: Semi-conductor apparatus and its producing method patent, CN-1184341-A: Nonaqueous polymer battery patent, CN-1184379-A: Sealing structure and sealing method for of sealing electronic component patent, CN-1184397-A: 具有实现发射/接收双向通信的基站和移动台的双向无线寻呼系统 patent, CN-1184541-A: 芯片卡与不同的卡终端机相匹配的方法及装置 patent, CN-1184820-A: Suspension type polytetrafluorethylene special bruiser patent, CN-1186406-A: 电磁声音变换器 patent, CN-1186749-A: Bicycle crank arm and its producing method patent, CN-1187918-A: Method and apparatus for determining desired reception frequency using broadcaster information patent, CN-1188684-A: 空气清洁器 patent, CN-1189272-A: Data access apparatus patent, CN-1189499-A: 依托泊甙磷酸酯和依托泊甙的制备方法 patent, CN-1190160-A: 旋转式封闭型压缩机以及制冷循环装置 patent, CN-1190178-A: Process to produce high pressure nitrogen using high pressure column and one or more lower pressure columns patent, CN-1190630-A: 使用后易折叠为扁平形状的流体物料容器 patent, CN-1191259-A: Two-way water-saving water storage tank patent, CN-1192438-A: (r)-(e)-(4-取代的苯基-1,3-二硫杂环戊烷-2-亚基)-1-咪唑基乙腈,含有它的抗真菌组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-1192570-A: Film having layer of metallic foil and film capacitor patent, CN-1192658-A: 可充气面具 patent, CN-1192804-A: 用于气量计具防火阀门元件的断续器及配备其的气量计 patent, CN-1193194-A: Photoelectric element with specific doped layer patent, CN-1193897-A: Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions and/or products for articles patent, CN-1195484-A: Method for preparing health-care edible condiment patent, CN-1195711-A: 链条零件热处理的“快速气体渗碳”方法 patent, CN-1195961-A: Electrochemical fine machining method based on ionic conductance and its device patent, CN-1196402-A: 金属的双色成型制法 patent, CN-1197091-A: 一种可降解地膜的制作方法 patent, CN-1197236-A: Method of reporting errors by hardward element of distributed computer system patent, CN-1197936-A: 相机 patent, CN-1198295-A: 联合收割机的脱粒分选装置 patent, CN-1198328-A: 药物(保健品)干糖颗粒(浆)分散片 patent, CN-1198439-A: 大熊猫全基因组dna提取方法 patent, CN-1198481-A: Glaze spraying system capable of simultaneously spray-coating inner and outer surface of pipe shape piece patent, CN-1198517-A: 一种无压不开的无泄阀 patent, CN-1198870-A: 数字图像编码及解码方法和装置 patent, CN-1199319-A: Print board assembly producing system and method patent, CN-1200205-A: 开关装置的直流电源控制 patent, CN-1200398-A: 含点火促进剂的汽油组合物 patent, CN-1200605-A: Radio communication apparatus in CDMA communication system patent, CN-1201114-A: Improved structure for reducing tension of suction vavle of compressor by enhancing oil slick expansion patent, CN-1201253-A: 半导体集成电路器件 patent, CN-1202223-A: Connecting pin clip patent, CN-1202784-A: Method and apparatus for adjusting screen gradient in video display device patent, CN-1202789-A: 隔音膜模压金属膜装置及隔音膜模压方法 patent, CN-1203152-A: Device for limiting force exerted on actuating mechanism patent, CN-1203634-A: Method and deivce for decarburizing molten steel patent, CN-1204395-A: Process and device for venting heat exchangers in fully automatic manner patent, CN-1204650-A: 铂配合物的制备方法 patent, CN-1204935-A: Time division multiplex high way switch control system and control method in electronic switching system patent, CN-1205076-A: 改进的计测或控制仪器 patent, CN-1205494-A: 骨折·脱位手法复位模型 patent, CN-1205650-A: Filter or catalytic-converter device patent, CN-1206211-A: Key pad and its manufacturing method patent, CN-1206465-A: 利用预定量无催化燃烧测量发热量 patent, CN-1206862-A: 一种应用控制图原理进行质量控制的通用监控仪 patent, CN-1206899-A: Electronic health care device patent, CN-1207340-A: 塑料薄膜制造方法 patent, CN-1207727-A: 具有类视色素样生物活性的取代芳基或杂芳基酰胺类化合物 patent, CN-1208342-A: Stabilised sunscreen compositions patent, CN-1208368-A: 利用牺牲基片制作互连件和接点 patent, CN-1208868-A: Method and apparatus for controlling amount of electric charge on finely divided powder and finely divided powder spraying method and apparatus patent, CN-1209004-A: 信号传输电路、cmos半导体器件以及线路板 patent, CN-1210256-A: Optical high temperature meter for gas turbine patent, CN-1211006-A: Database for facilitating software installation and testing for build-to-order computer system patent, CN-1211083-A: Application of protective ceramic material patent, CN-1211101-A: 安装永久磁铁的方法 patent, CN-1211134-A: Method for printing set contents of mobile unit in facsimile apparatus having mobile unit patent, CN-1211337-A: Electric lamp patent, CN-1211459-A: 一种液体停留时间均布的塔盘 patent, CN-1211843-A: Battery leasing system patent, CN-1212761-A: 一种制备光学薄膜的方法 patent, CN-1213371-A: 5,11-dihydrodibenz [b,e] [1,4] oxazepine derivatives and drug compositions containing the devivatives patent, CN-1214531-A: Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus patent, CN-1215072-A: Tempered porcelain-imitation paint patent, CN-1215431-A: 编码具IL-16活性多肽的基因组核酸、cDNA和mRNA及其生产方法和用途 patent, CN-1215754-A: Method for preparing fermentation product of cordyceps, and use thereof patent, CN-1216300-A: 旱育秧水稻育秧剂 patent, CN-1217353-A: Resin composition for self-temp.-controlled heating cable patent, CN-1217523-A: 照明式操作按钮 patent, CN-1218081-A: 有机硅防水剂及其应用方法 patent, CN-1218916-A: 制作屏幕的方法和实现该方法的设备 patent, CN-1219087-A: 最佳利用蜂窝无线系统内数据通信容量的方法及系统 patent, CN-1219864-A: 包含选定的阳离子调理聚合物的调理香波组合物 patent, CN-1219995-A: Stratified combustion chamber for cross-scavenged two-stroke internal combustion engine patent, CN-1220112-A: Series instant bone marrow soap patent, CN-1220502-A: 一种生产螺旋状天线的方法及该螺旋状天线装置 patent, CN-1220526-A: 一项频带压缩及数据压缩技术 patent, CN-1220658-A: 钙受体活性化合物 patent, CN-1221328-A: Absorbent article having internal side wrapping elements 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